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Private Practice/Cooper/Five People Cooper Freedman Never Fell in Love With

Title: Five People Cooper Freedman Never Fell in Love With
Fandom: Private Practice
Characters: Cooper Freedman (very slight Cooper/Violet implications)
Word Count: ~550
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: Exactly what the title says.
A/N: This was written as a part of a meme response at the request of the lovely firthgal. I hope you enjoy!

Five People Cooper Freedman Never Fell in Love With

the high school girlfriend
He asked her out on a date because she was the first girl who ever showed any interest in him whatsoever. They had a fairly good evening, and a few weeks later he didn’t stop her when she started tossing around the word boyfriend.

He did the things he thought he was supposed to do. He said the things he thought he was supposed to say. But almost never did he do or say what he actually wanted.

They broke up after six months, at the end of senior year, under the pretense of long distance. Really, though, it was because he could never bring himself to say I love you, too.

ii. the med school girlfriend
They were the very best of friends. They spent every spare moment together, studying, talking, laughing, sleeping. It only made sense for them to date.

Two weeks into the relationship, Cooper realized that yes, he did love her. But he wasn’t in love with her. He couldn’t make the words come out, though (too much of a cliché, he thought).

They were together for a year and a half. He thought maybe something would fall into place along the way.

It never did. They never spoke again.

iii. the ‘real’ girlfriend
He wasn’t in school anymore. He had an apartment of his own, now. He was his own person in a wide open world.

They met at the grocery store. Six dates later and she was in his bedroom. Six months later and her stuff was making its way into his bedroom, too.

He’d thought it would be easier, when he was finally living his own life.

It wasn’t. He wasn’t looking for commitment so soon. He wanted to live a little, not be tied down. She shook her head, muttering things like bastard and typical man under her breath as she tossed her things into a box.

After she’d slammed the door behind her, he threw himself face down on the battered sofa, deciding that maybe love wasn’t so easy to find, after all.

iv. the online girlfriend
Contrary to popular belief, Cooper did not always use the internet to search for potential sex partners. His original intent had been actual relationships, real feelings.

He set up a profile on a dating website five months into Violet’s relationship with Allan. He didn’t tell anyone, and was paranoid for weeks that they’d discover his secret.

The site matched him up with a perfectly lovely woman. He should have been infatuated almost immediately. She was intelligent, attractive, funny. Ordinarily she would’ve stolen his heart within weeks.

Problem was, she had showed up about a year too late.

v. the not-quite-girlfriend
He never meant for it to become anything serious. A three- or four-time thing, maybe, but not a weekly arrangement. And certainly not a nightly arrangement.

Before he knew it, he was spending more time with Charlotte King than anybody else. He knew her better than anyone had in years. She knew him, well, better than most.

One night, she came out with it. “I know I’m not what you want.”

He put his arm around her and pulled her closer, sighing into her hair.

“So do I.”

Tags: character: cooper freedman, fandom: private practice
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