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Bones/ZackHodgins/All the Broken Pieces

Title: All the Broken Pieces
Fandom: Bones
Characters: Jack Hodgins/Zack Addy
Word Count: ~300
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: He misses everything that they never were. [S3 finale spoilers]
A/N: This pairing needs more love. ♥

All the Broken Pieces
"Some nights when I'm wound so tight
There is no release, there is no solution
But in the darkness I see your light turned on
You know my weakness, you know how I respond"
-Billy Joel, 'Blonde Over Blue'


He misses everything that they never were.

There had always been a possibility flitting around somewhere, in the back of his mind. He pushed it aside, usually, until there was Angela, and then that little possibility seemed to disappear for awhile.

Now, though, in a lonely and empty bed, wrapped in stiff, new sheets, the possibility is back in the front of his mind, taunting him with all his missed opportunities.

He’s remembering, as the clock reads 2:18 in a mocking shade of green, the all-nighters on the worn sofa from craigslist in the apartment over his garage. He’s remembering (2:21) tiring, late evenings in the lab and mornings filled with horrible office coffee. He’s remembering (2:23) driving lessons on sunny weekends and dating lessons on rainy afternoons. He’s remembering (2:27) nights when he could still see the speck of light all the way across the tennis courts and the pond.

(He’s trying desperately not to remember, as the clock reads 2:30, the decontamination shower back at the Jeffersonian. He’s trying not to remember (2:32) the way his hair used to fall in his face, back when he wasn’t yet a doctor. He’s trying not to remember (2:35) kissing him, desperate and frustrated and disbelieving and tired, in a dark, empty hospital room.)

He shoves the clock off the nightstand, sickly satisfied at the crunch it makes when it hits the floor. His eyes close tight for a moment and he ignores the fact that mere months ago, his best friend could’ve put all the broken pieces back together for him.

He finally falls asleep as the clock would’ve read 3:06, still waiting, somehow, for a light to come on over his driveway.

Tags: fandom: bones, pairing: zack/hodgins
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